Tuesday, October 25, 2011

To the Batmobiles!

The four commission pieces were done for two awesome BATMAN fans... I never tire of doing the Adam West Batman, and when I'm asked to do a commission based on the TV show, how can I resist?!

All pieces appox 11 X 15, pencil, pen & ink, watercolors, ink wash on watercolor paper!

These pieces were all a bit out of my comfort zone, I'm not a technical artist... I don't do a lot of car stuff. My style is a little more loose, I rarely use a ruler, I prefer the natural lines.
But I think these all came out really great - In a way they were hard to part with, but they went to great homes!

If you are interested in a commission, or would like to buy some original artwork, please contact me and visit my FB page, link below!



  1. Wow! These are really sweet. The TV series Batmobile is my favorite. I might need you to do some for me.

  2. Thanks John!
    I'm always open for commissions...