Friday, August 20, 2010

Indiana Jones and Machete

I've been experimenting a bit with different combinations of mediums and techniques.

INDIANA JONES featuring Harrison Ford as he appeared in 'Temple of Doom' - this is a homage to my favorite shot in the film... Done on watercolor paper 9 X 12 using pen & ink pens of various gray tones. I painted in the background and added some spatter, but I didn't like the spatter and I tried to cover it up - this resulted in the watercolor smearing and just screwed up the edges... but I was able to get it cleaned up and it came out much better! But learned a lesson in watercolors on this one - you can't paint a water based white over the watercolors!

MACHETE! Danny Trejo as Machete from the upcoming film - his face is so cool, I couldn't resist drawing him. Again I wanted to try something a little different, but more in my old pen & ink sketchy style. 11 X 14 on bristol paper with watercolors. Came out pretty good.

Indiana Jones is FOR SALE - please contact me if you are interested.


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