Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bale goes all Bat-Shit and Stuff!

You may have heard the audio clip of BATMAN actor Christian Bale loosing his cool and going all dark-knight on the set of the new Terminator set last July. Well if you haven't you can check it out HERE.

Basically Bale had enough with the cinematographer Shane Hurlbut when he walked into a scene while the actor was 'acting' - the tirade lasts nearly 4 minuets and is full of F'bombs and heated language heaped at Hurlbut. While I can understand an actor being in the moment of a scene, and having a member of the crew walk into a shot can be distracting, for that I don't blame him him. I've seen directors loose it on set many times and I have personally been on the recieving end of an Academy Award winning director's fury*. It's NO fun to be sure, but listening to this audio just cracks me up... Bale is paid millions of dollars to 'pretend' - certainly there is a lot of pressure when you are the center of a big-budget movie, but there no reason to go off and verbally attack and threaten bodily harm to a member of the crew, no matter how much the poor bastard may have deserved it...

This incident preceided his arrest in July '08 in London over accusations he attacked his mother and sister at the city's Dorchester Hotel before the British premiere of The Dark Knight!

So I guess the lesson here is, if a big-name actor is having a bad day, don't walk into his key-light!

Now comes the re-mix - If you want to enjoy the whole tirade in a YouTube dance mix - Click HERE!


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